Our Mission Is to Provide a Professional & Honest Approach to Domiciliary Care

At Advantage Angels Domiciliary Care, we aim to provide a dedicated, person-centered and bespoke service that promotes a lifestyle approach to a level of care and attention that our customers can be confident in all times. We promise to provide competent and professional services that enable people of all ages and disabilities to remain in their own home and be cared for at the highest levels. The basic foundations of our services are built upon the promotion of the essential values of everyday life, incorporating freedom of choice, encouraging individuality and respect at all times.

Key to the delivery of our objectives will be our ability to attract, recruit and maintain both professional operational staff, and professionally qualified nursing and care staff. It is Advantage Angels Domiciliary Care’s commitment to ensure the highest levels of compliance and training, that in turn will ensure clinical excellence from all nursing and care staff, that in turn will deliver the levels of service expected by our customers.

Person-centered and bespoke care forms the core of the services we aim to provide here at Advantage Angels Domiciliary Care and to ensure our staff are committed to meeting our aims and objectives:


To deliver a service of the highest quality that will improve and sustain our customer’s overall quality of life and allow them to remain in their own home.


To ensure that the service is delivered flexibly, attentively and in a non-discriminatory fashion, while respecting our customer’s right to independence, privacy, dignity, fulfilment, and the rights to make informed choices.


To ensure that our customer’s needs and values are respected in matters of religion, culture, race or ethnic origin, sexuality and sexual orientation, political affiliation, marital status, parenthood and disabilities or impairments.


To match the nominated staff members as closely as possible with our customers and respecting the need to change the staff member in the event of non-compatibility.


To manage the care service efficiently and effectively to make best use of resources and to maximise value for money for our customers.


To involve our customers and care workers in the provisions, management and development of our services, which will be monitored regularly as part of the quality assurance framework ensuring that the service is run in the best interests of our customers.


Providing a company ethos that ensures that no customer or staff member is discriminated against.


To ensure that all customers are aware of the procedures of making compliments, comments, and complaints.

All Advantage Angels Domiciliary care staff members will be inducted into the company to share our belief that the physical, emotional, and general welfare of our customers is of paramount importance. Confidentiality for our customers is of the utmost importance, and human values, dignity and respect must always be safeguarded by the employees of Advantage Angels Domiciliary Care. The health and safety of all customers and staff members are safeguarded at all times, and as such all Advantage Angels Domiciliary Care employees are provided with all the necessary training and support services that meet its obligations as an employer and provider of services.

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